Slat Conveyor Stitching Machine

We offer Slat Conveyor with Pillar Mounted Stitching Machines that is manufactured and designed using the latest technologies. Owing to their high-quality standards, these conveyors are effectively used in bagging plants to transfer the bags from bagging machines to warehouses. Slat conveyors can also be used to transfer raw material bags from warehouses to the main plant. Our slat conveyors offer frictionless movement for extra heavy duty. High-grade materials are used to manufacture slat conveyors that are abrasion resistant. Special care is taken to avoid the tearing of bags that occur due to them getting trapped in slats. Slats can be either MS hardened or wooden or a combination of both. Slat conveyor selection will depend upon the bag size, speed required, or weight of each bag. A pillar-type stitching machine can be mounted on the slat conveyor for the stitching of bags. We provide these conveyors in both wood & metal frames.

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